Corporate Culture

Boteli evolved from word of "house of God" in Bible, meaning grateful, happy and dedication spirit of Boteli people. It embodies the Boteli's characteristic culture. Enterprise culture of Boteli is the soul of Boteli vitality. It covers many aspects of religious culture, culture of building of CCP, culture of honesty and responsibility culture. With cultural deposits of decade, the group has formed an unique Boteli corporate culture system.


Staff value 
Boteli believes that every employee is a talent, and the stage is as wide as their heart. The group actively creates a good work atmosphere, builds a platform of happy work and life for employees, establishes a fair, just and open work and develop environment for employees, motivates employees to be thankful, dare to dream and realize self-fulfillment.


Enterprise value
Through ceaseless technical innovation and management innovation, Boteli enhances brand reputation continuously, refines core values, enhances core competitiveness, and strives to realize transformation from " manufacture" to "manufacture wisely". As one of the most important manufacturers in valve industry, Boteli has established an excellent brand value in the industry.


Social responsibility
In recent years, through continuous technical innovation, Boteli is committed to build green enterprise, realizes cleaner production, and makes positive contribution to global energy saving and emission reduction and sustainable development.
As building enterprise with international competitiveness, Boteli also takes caring for social construction and participating public welfare undertaking actively as important content and specific embodiment of fulfilling of social responsibilities. It always concerns and supports social public welfare undertaking, actively participates in relieving the people in stricken areas, donates for education, social stability, supports culture and sports and other public welfare undertakings.
Boteli inosculates staff value, enterprise value and social responsibility as a whole, and forms its own unique religious enterprise culture, and wins wide recognition of society and staff, forms a positive centripetal force and power in the company, writes our gorgeous today and will make a brighter future.




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Production Workshop

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